Created exclusively for men, ProLonger Desensitizing Gel from System Jo is a fantastic sexual tool, improving the male sexual experience, along with his partner's. Containing an ingredient that gently but effectively numbs the sensitive head and shaft of the penis, ProLonger helps keep stimulation under control, controlling too-soon ejaculation, increasing stamina and heightening pleasure for both partners. 

Apply a small amount to the head and shaft, and wait a few minutes to gauge the effect- some men may need to apply more. Wash off the penis after intercourse, and always be sure product is absorbed before contact with a partner to avoid an unwanted numbing effect on their end. ProLonger is latex safe and contains no mineral oils. Benzocaine and lidociane free.

Jo for Men ProLonger Desensitizing Gel in 2oz/60ml

SKU: SJ-402252