A gorgeously soft, completely customizable set of silky silicone-wrapped kegel balls from the user-friendly, pleasure-focused Colo Licious collection, this unique take on a classic ben wa ball was specifically created for comfortable, thrillingly stimulating wear and supremely sexy results.

Tucked securely into a velvety silicone girdle, two of three available weighted spheres inspire voluntary contractions of the vaginal muscles. Over time, the Silicone Kegel Trainer helps to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles responsible for sexual pleasure, control and orgasm enhancement, all while pinpointing the movements needed to practice kegels without the Trainer in place.

Offering several combinations of weight, the Trainer comes complete with a choice of three interchangeable spheres at  20g (.7oz) 30g (1oz) and 40g (1.4oz) respectively.  Beginner kegel practitioners should generally start with a lighter combination, graduating up to a heavier duo when ready. Each smooth, silky ball slides out of the snug girdle for easy customization- as an advanced option, the balls can also be employed independent of the girdle.

Made of an incomparably hygienic, hypoallergenic Pure silicone material, Coco's Trainer is ideally suited to delicate skin, plus, the nonporous surface cleans thoroughly and easily. Silicone is notably temperature receptive, so not only will it warm quickly to meet body heat, but can also be manipulated more dramatically temperate-wise with a soak in heated or chilled water before play. As with any silicone toy or tool, always enjoy a good water based lubricant in combination, avoid silicone formulas and contact with other silicone products whenever possible.


  • Length - 6" 
  • Insertable Length - 3.5"
  • Girth - 4" around at largest
  • Width - 1.25" at widest
  • Material - Silicone, ABS plastic
  • Special Features - Discreet, hygienic, hypoallergenic, interchangeable balls
  • Color - Pink, black

Coco Licious Silicone Kegel Trainer in Pink

SKU: ZCE-2931-02-3