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Create your own garden of pleasure, wherever you may be with the Carnal Pleasures Collection from Shunga. Inside the stylized, colorful container, you'll find 6 treats for the body and soul that enhance and add to any sexual experience. Get ready for a night of passion as you get hands-on with your lover and smooth on Soft Moves Massage Cream in a silky, lickable formula flavored with a sweet Blazing Cherry taste and aroma. Next, soothe away any leftover stress and wake up all your senses with an invigorating body massage and Exotic Fruits Erotic Massage Oil. Add some Aphrodisiac Oil in an irresistible Strawberries and Champagne flavor to their intimate areas and erogenous to excite and add heat with a gentle warming, all natural formula. Sensations Balm comes next, a gentle gel that briefly numbs sensation, so it can be felt all the more when the effects wear off. This balm is perfect for helping to delay climax. The sensual touch of Edible Body Powder tops you off, this light, sweet

Carnal Pleasures Collection

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